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ChatStage HD Webcam conferencing

ChatStage HD video Chat, one of the world's first HD Video Chat conferencing features, where you can conference with up to 100 friends and family in FULL HD! Download ChatStage now and enter a world of Full HD Video Conferencing.

ChatStage Stereo Quality voice chat

There is nothing worse than talking to a loved one in Mono low quality sound. When you interact with friends or family, you want the best quality available. ChatStage SQ offers you full stereo conferencing with up to 99 of your closest friends in a conference room. You can chat via text, voice and soon Webcam with ChatStage HD! Long distance internet voice chats, the fastest way to chat online across the world. From the USA, Canada, Australia, UK and across the world you can video chat online with internet communication software that delivers long distance chats faster.

Chat Rooms Open Now!

ChatStage Support Centre

ChatStage Support Centre, hosted by LadyCougar and her team is there to assist you every step of your ChatStage experience. Be sure to pop in, even if it is just to say Hi! They are looking forward to meeting you.

Your Room

ChatStage allows you, free of charge, to create your very own voice conferencing room. Why not create your own room now and experience the power of ChatStage SQ (Stereo Quality Sound) and soon ChatStage HD (Full HD webcam conferencing!)

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